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MadChess-3.1 & 3.2 Beta (Update 2022-11-16)

MadChess is an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Erik Madsen, written in C#. Licensed under the MIT License.

MadChess is one of the few chess engines to run under the Windows .NET framework. Since version 2.1, MadChess uses .NET Core, Microsoft's cross-platform free and open-source managed software framework, to support not only Windows, but Linux and Mac.

It is a very well documented chess engine. If you are interested, I encourage you to visit the dedicated page.


Update 2022-11-16

Courtesy of the author, Mr. Erik Madsen, I am providing a link to download the latest version of MadChess-3.2 Beta for Windows.

To quote the author, in the latest version, "improvements have been made to the strength-weakening algorithm".

Of course, this one will apply when MadChess-3.2 Beta is configured by the user to play with a defined strength expressed in Elo points (details later in this post).

After playing 380 rated games under MCERL (ongoing), MadChess-3.2 Beta has reached a ranking 2785 Elo.


According to the CCRL rating lists, MadChess-3.1 has strength 2719 Elo, which is equivalent to the strength of a very powerful grandmaster.

Source: CCRL

Based on my observations of MadChess in MCERL competitions, this engine plays interesting and dynamic chess. He is able to find fantastic tactical punches in short time.

Below is the position from the game between Crafty 25.3 and EXchess 7.97b. In this position, Crafty "missed" a very strong move by the white pawn to the e5 square.

MadChess-3.1 analyzing on a MacBook Pro with an M1 processor took less than one second to find 33.e5!

Fen: 4r1rk/2qbbppn/3p4/1p1P3P/2p1P3/PpP1B1R1/1P2Q2N/1B4RK w - - 3 33

Particularly noteworthy is the ability to customize the strength of MadChess-3.1.

On his page, author Mr. Erik Madsen described and showed with examples (Hiarcs Chess Explorer & Shredder) how to make changes to the MadChess strength. It is worth mentioning that the range of power adjustment is quite wide: 600 Elo to 2400 Elo, that is, suitable for a chess learner through a club player to an international master.

Below is an example from Banksia GUI with MadChess Elo set to 2000.

Here are the messages of Madchess-3.1 reporting readiness to play.

Feel free to download MadChess-3.1

Linux ARM – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 29.57MB

Linux Intel – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 31.92MB

Mac Apple Silicon – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 29.48MB

Mac Intel – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 31.40MB

Windows – Compiled by Erik Madsen

Download ZIP • 10.11MB
Download ZIP • 5.17MB



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