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Nawito 22.07 Released.

The latest version of the most powerful chess engine from Cuba!

Here is what the author of the Nawito chess engine Mr. Ernesto Torres wrote:


Greetings friends.

I announce the new version of the Nawito chess engine. In terms of strength, I think it is superior to the previous version.

For more technical information check the homepage on GitHub

Engine version: 22.07

Available versions: Windows/Linux/Android, 64 bits

Communication protocol: UCI

ELO estimated: 2690

License: GPL


Source: TalkChess

Thanks to the author, Nawito is written in such a way that it is easy to compile this chess engine for all popular operating systems.

Below to download Nawito source code and compilations for:

  • Android

  • Linux x64 & ARM

  • Mac Intel & Apple Silicon

  • Windows

All compilations by Mr. Ernesto Torres except Linux ARM and Mac by Darius.

Download ZIP • 1.31MB



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