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You probably like to play chess, and so do I.

My name is Darius and I create the computer chess blog 

Chessengeria is a free website about chess engines and chess software.

While developing it, I consume hectoliters of coffee, if you feel like supporting me, you can buy me coffee via PayPal or Crypto.


Thanks for your support and appreciation of my work.

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Coinbase Wallet: @chessengeria
BTC: bc1qqhf0leeg0l43qpln45w2m9p84sxewhgka0jp9h
ETH: 0xa08364c8D788C1E3B098649907874821337191e7
SOL: 2jiDrLQw3Rrje2zMUmzm9g3VATrmKp8z3SNBFQsWfdHD
DOGE: DJ7dqBg6fhLLbiW2tMp28PbUQ3SVd1yCwn
LTC: ltc1qh2gg6pv0nqt68a6c2tlhzfaxrh2etnk4atw7fg

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