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M a c  C h e s s  E n g i n e s  R a t i n g  L i s t


Playing conditions:


EloStat Version 1.3 by Dr. Frank Schubert.

Darius's comment
The MCERL - Mac Chess Engine Rating List - was created to give a approximate view of the strength the chess engines running on the Apple macOS operating system.
To measure the strength of the chess engines, I used the excellent tool EloStat 1.3 by Dr. Frank Schubert.

For the first MCERL publication, my assumption was to play a minimum of 100 games by each chess engine with a short thinking time (1 minute each with no additional time), which allows to estimate the level of play with Elo points suitable for e.g. quick chess analysis. 
Of course, due to the relatively low number of chess games played by each chess engine, the margin of statistical error may be slightly larger (by about 5%) than if each chess engine played 500 or 1000 games instead of 100.

Are the results achieved by chess engines running on a Mac surprising ?
Yes and No.
  • No, because I expected the free Stockfish 15 and the commercial Dragon 2.6.1 to take the first two places, followed by chess engines with an established reputation and playing strength such as Koivisto, Berserk, Arasan or Ethereal. And indeed this is what happened.
  • Yes, because a big and positive surprise came with the Hiarcs 15 chess engine taking the third place on the rating list just behind Dragon 2.6.1 by Komodo Chess. The latest version of Hiarcs 15 proves that it is a very strong and demanding chess engine and a contender for any other opponent.
For the tournament I also invited chess engines "no longer of the first youth" such as Stockfish 9, which is the built-in and default chess engine e.g. in the popular and free program Scid vs. PC. The obtained results of the Stockfish 9 and Komodo 13.02 chess engines show that they can still be considered quite strong and can certainly be very useful when analyzing chess games or during training.
What's coming in the future with MCERL ?
The next MCERL update is likely a month away.
I will certainly engage lesser known engines, newly created and developed to enrich MCERL also with chess engines of lower playing strength - suitable for amateurs and club players.

If you would like the MCERL updates to be more frequent, to play the latest commercial engines such as, for example, Dragon by Komodo Chess, please consider a small donation or purchasing a
Subscription at
This will help me get an additional computer and commercial chess engines to run tournaments, matches, and rating lists.
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I will do my best to make better and better :-)



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