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M a c  C h e s s  E n g i n e s  R a t i n g  L i s t


Playing conditions:


Ordo by Miguel A. Ballicora.

Darius's comment
The MCERL - Mac Chess Engine Rating List - was created to give a approximate view of the strength the chess engines running on the Apple macOS operating system.

Over the past few weeks, I have tested various measurement tools (BayesElo, EloStat, Ordo). 
To measure the strength of the chess engines, for this edition of the ranking list I used the Ordo tool by Miguel Ballicora.
Of course, like any choice of this nature, it is an overwhelmingly subjective choice. I hope Ordo will stay with us permanently.

As announced, in this issue of MCERL I have included the ranking results of engines at different levels of playing strength. From those playing at the level of a chess beginner (APILchess), an intermediate club player (Roce), an expert (Zevra), to masters (Diablo, Phalanx), grandmasters, and others beyond the reach of any human.
It is worth noting that the latest Hiarcs 15.1 appeared on the list. However, the results are almost the same as its predecessor Hiarcs 15.0.

Are the results achieved by chess engines running on a Mac surprising ?
Yes and No.
  • No, because after the release of Dragon 3 by Komodo Chess along with Stockfish 15 as of today, these are two engines that are far beyond the reach of other competitors. I must admit that the work of Dragon chess engine creators makes a huge impression on me. It is amazing that this Team can keep up with the whole Stockfish development community. As a result, we - the users - gain, because there is a worthy competition.
  • Yes, because the new version of the chess engine Zahak 10.0 scored a big increase in playing strength, by 66 Elo points over Zahak 9.0 - a remarkable result at such a high level. Hearty congratulations to the author Mr. Amanj Sherwany.
What's coming in the future with MCERL ?
Selected latest versions of available chess engines for Macs :)
And finally, I would like to thank the user named jpqy for his valuable comments and advice on maintaining a ranking list of chess engines. Thank you very much! I will certainly take all of your suggestions into account in the future maintenance of MCERL.

If you want the MCERL updates to be more frequent, to play the latest commercial engines such as, for example, Dragon by Komodo Chess, please consider a small donation.
This will help me get an additional computer and commercial chess engines to run tournaments, matches, and rating lists.
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I will do my best to make better and better :-)



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