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Berserk 10 released.

Berserk, a top chess engine.

On October 4, 2022, the 10th version of this engine was released. Berserk is among the top of the most powerful chess engines.

The first matches show a marked increase in Berserk-10's strength over its predecessor. The results of the ranked games in the MCERL section are coming soon.

Ranked games in progress... :)

GUI: Banksia

If you want to learn more about this engine, I invite you to visit the page dedicated to the Berserk chess engine.

Here's what author Jay Honnold wrote about new Berserk 10:

  • Small Endgame Eval Patch by @jhonnold in #387

  • QSearch TT Exact Results by @jhonnold in #388

  • Disable late move pruning at root + improve ordering by @jhonnold in #390

  • Adjust History Formula by @jhonnold in #391

  • Corrent singular search results by @jhonnold in #392

  • Reverse Futility Pruning Margin Tweak by @jhonnold in #393

  • PGO for Update Script by @jhonnold in #394

  • Remove History Pruning by @jhonnold in #395

  • Remove Counter History Pruning by @jhonnold in #396

  • 1024 Hidden Neurons by @jhonnold in #397

  • RFP and Razoring Tweak by @jhonnold in #399

  • EP square only when viable by @jhonnold in #400

  • Return to 512 Hidden Neurons by @jhonnold in #402

  • Separate promotions in tactical history on captures by @jhonnold in #403

  • Accumulator update via Move by @jhonnold in #404

  • Reduce more in NMP when there are no opponent threats by @jhonnold in #405

  • Don't reduce more for previous PV moves by @jhonnold in #407

  • Improve NNUE auto-vectorization and update logic by @jhonnold in #408

  • Simplify NNUE Code by @jhonnold in #409

  • 16 King Buckets by @jhonnold in #410

  • Improving flag via GrandParent nodes. Adjust LMR to use a new formula + legal moves. by @jhonnold in #413

  • Fix hashmove reference in code by @jhonnold in #414

Berserk 10 download:

Compiled by Archimedes

Download ZIP • 39.87MB

Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 24.37MB
Download ZIP • 24.08MB

Compiled by Jay Honnold

Download ZIP • 47.95MB


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Alessandro Morales
Alessandro Morales
Oct 05, 2022

Thank you! 😀

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