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Berserk 9 released.

One of the most powerful chess engines has been released in version 9.

Here's what Jay Honnold wrote about Berserk 9:


Another release for Berserk! This patch sees major changes in NNUE and many minor adjustments in search.

This patch introduces a new architecture in Berserk, a horizontally mirrored 8 bucket system. This results in a 6144 -> (512x2) -> 1 final architecture. This network was trained using Koivisto's Trainer using ~8B FENs from Berserk 8.5.1 self play games.

Along the way of working on NNUE, many minor search patches have been added. They were all minor, but lots of small changes add up.

STC on an imbalanced book

ELO   | 82.98 +- 5.14 (95%)
CONF  | 8.0+0.08s Threads=1 Hash=8MB
GAMES | N: 10000 W: 3985 L: 1641 D: 4374

LTC on a balanced book

ELO   | 54.37 +- 2.65 (95%)
CONF  | 40.0+0.40s Threads=1 Hash=64MB
GAMES | N: 17000 W: 3605 L: 966 D: 12429

Self play results vs Berserk 8.5.1, self play results do not reflect exactly when playing vs other engines.


Source: Berserk 9 on GitHub

Berserk 9 download:

Compiled by Archimedes

Download ZIP • 16.14MB

Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 8.93MB

Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 8.58MB

Compiled by Jay Honnold

Download ZIP • 16.32MB


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