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Caligula 1.0b released

New version of chess engine by Mr. Pedro Castro.

Glad to see progress in development.

Source: CCRL

Caligula is a winboard compatible chess engine by Pedro Castro, it is freeware and based on TSCP engine.

Here are a few sentences about version 1.0b from the author.


Many changes. Little Elo.

This version has approximately the strength of DanaSah 8.3, about 2700 CCRL.

There are many differences between DanaSah (eval classic) and Caligula. For example Caligula uses things that DanaSah does not have such as piece list or pawn hash table. The search differs in things like pruning, the way of calculating things in the evaluation is different (mobility, king safety, etc). Overall the Caligula source code is about half the size of DanaSah.


Caligula website:

Download ZIP • 253KB



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