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Chess for Android 6.5.2 released

This is another installment of the free, excellent and popular chess program for users of devices running on the Android operating system.

"I just released version 6.5.2 of Chess for Android to Google Play.

Some new features include:

  • Autosave game on FICS/ICS

  • DGT Pegasus support

  • Certabo Bluetooth Connection (untested!)

  • Internationalization Improvements

  • Position Setup bug fixes (thanks to Daniel for reporting)

The DGT Pegasus is the latest addition to the supported electronic chessboards, since I just received my board. The bluetooth to Certabo is new, but completely untested, since I don't have such a board. I basically just put the USB protocol on top of a Bluetooth socket. Please let me know if that works. There are also a few very minor changes. For example, touching the USB/Bluetooth icon while connected with an eboard provides information on the board."

source: TalkChess

Chess for Android is a program distinguished by stability and great possibilities – especially for chess enthusiasts. It is great that the author, whose nickname is Aart Bik, develops his program and makes it available to a wide audience (for many years now!).

With Chess for Android, computer chess enthusiasts can, among other things, test chess engines, organize their matches and tournaments. The program supports modern chess engines as well as the older ones working using the winboard / xboard protocol.

You can find more information on the Chess for Android author's website.



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