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ChessBase 17 released.

After two years, the 17th version of the popular chess database program has been published.

Source: ChessBase (starter package).

According to the developer, their latest creation offers a lot of new features:

  • New data format: fewer files, more functions, more comfort, more speed.

  • Engine analysis renovated: Variants are automatically verbally annotated, forced continuations are recognized, “buddy heuristics” for greater search depth!

  • Pearl search: Find spectacular games instantly! Beautiful games are marked in the database list.

  • Optimized program interface: high-resolution 2D board, faster graphics.

  • New clearer search mask: material & positional searches simplified, immediate feedback on expected results.

  • Intelligent position input: when setting up pieces, you are shown the games where those positions occur.

  • Dozens of detail improvements for improved usability, e.g. automatic loading of the last edited game.

  • Control via One-Drive: all database paths can be set in the options dialogue.

  • Newly structured game notation: with intelligent folding and symbols.

  • Modern integrated browser for all database texts.

  • More insight: Visualization of attack correlations (optional).

  • Dark Mode: darkened program interface.

Is ChessBase 17 an evolution or a revolution ?

Having the previous version, is it worth giving the latest version a chance ?

Coming soon - these and many other questions will be answered in a review of this product on

Some screenshots from ChessBase 17

* Training tips.

* The new elements in the engine window

* Filter games

* Search filter

* Source: ChessBase



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