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Fritz 18 Neuronal vs Fritz 18

30.03.2022 - An unexpected and free update for the Fritz 18 chess engine

A nice surprise from ChessBase, which has offered Fritz 18 users a version of the engine of the same name with the addition of Neuronal.

I invite you to watch the video on the YouTube platform.

The Fritz 18 Neuronal, according to the manufacturer's website, is expected to be about 120 Elo points more powerful than its previous version.

So let's check if indeed the update of this chess engine has led to such an increase in the strength of play. Of course, due to the small number of games played (30), this match and result is only indicative for a possible estimate of the strength of Fritz 18 Neuronal's game.

Below are games to download in .PGN format and...

Fritz 18 Neuronal vs Fritz 18
Download ZIP • 40KB

...a table with results.



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