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Hiarcs Chess Explorer Pro 1.1 update

A new version of Hiarcs Chess Explorer Pro is now available.

Source: Hiarcs

Here's what version 1.1 brings:


  • New HIARCS 15.1 engines with improved strength and multi-core support

  • Updated 2022 opening books

  • Updated 2022 MasterBase database

  • Improved Annotation display

  • Improved support for ChessBase CTG books

  • Improved support for Unicode and figurines in ChessBase CBH databases

  • Improved copy and paste functions

  • Improved export to EPUB

  • Engine match enhancements

  • New language translations

  • Auto recovery of databases after restart

  • Skip duplicates with different names or results

  • Show existing comments in Puzzle mode

  • Numerous other fixes and enhancements



The Hiarcs 15 engine is doing very well in MCERL competitions.

Soon I will update the MCERL ranking list and broadcast a match/tournament featuring the new version of the Hiarcs engine.

If you haven't read it yet, I invite you to check out the Hiarcs Chess Explorer Pro review.



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