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HIARCS Chess Explorer Pro with HIARCS 15 chess engine

After nearly 10 years since the release of the first version, a new version of one of the best chess programs is released on January 5, 2022.

According to the developer:


HIARCS Chess Explorer Pro is a new highly advanced chess database, analysis and playing program for PC Windows and Apple Mac computers. It offers a very powerful user interface with the strongest ever HIARCS chess engine and world class chess database features. This unique combination offers easy to use features managing chess databases, preparation, analysis, play and training for players of all abilities from beginner to Grandmasters and beyond.


Few new features include:

Advanced Database Support

  • HCE database format offers huge databases only limited by memory - 1GB per 8 million games

  • Fast searching for players, openings, events, material, pawn structure and positions.

  • Comprehensive game database support (PGN, HCE, reads Chessbase CBH, CBV and EPD)

  • Extensive game notation with variations, comments, symbols, diagrams and named openings

  • Export and publish your work, games and preparation to PGN, PDF, EPUB e-book and HTML

  • Reference databases, manage databases, duplicate search and clean up, watch live games

HIARCS 15 chess engine – more than 200 Elo stronger ( than HIARCS 14, chessengeria's note )

  • Full range of realistic set Elo levels with human like playing style, have your strength matched

  • Very strong analysis & play, more than 200 Elo stronger than HIARCS 14 WCSC engine

  • Supports up to 32† threads/cores, and any UCI Chess User Interface (Chessbase/Fritz)



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