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Horowitz 2.1.0 released.

Horowitz is a UCI-compatible open source chess engine initially written in Go. Now rewritten in C++.

Logo from Darius (I couldn't find the Horowitz engine logo anywhere).

Here is what author OliveriQ wrote about the latest version:


This version essentially consists of a simpler evaluation function and a much faster search function. This has produced a reasonable gain in playing strength. Evaluation now uses PSQT's + Material (both now incrementally updated) and mop-up evaluation for converting late endgame positions. Other changes include various bug fixes.

Here are the final scores of v2.1.0 vs v2.0.0 in a match consisting of 100 games (TC 40/10s + 0.1):


Source: GiHub

Darius note:

With well-written code, the Horowitz-2.1.0 chess engine can be easily compiled for popular operating systems.

Below are compilations for Linux (arm, intel), Mac (apple silicon, intel) and of course for Windows.

Download ZIP • 143KB

Download ZIP • 135KB

Download ZIP • 883KB

We wish the author good luck and joy in developing this cool chess engine :)



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