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Inanis-1.1.1 released

Strength of about 2800 Elo. A growing chess engine, author Mr. Pawel Osikowski.

Inanis is a free and open source UCI chess engine written in Rust. Licensed under GPL 3. It is the successor of Proxima b, Proxima b 2.0 and Cosette.

Here are a few words from the author about the Inanis chess engine:


The project is written after hours, with the goal to reach a strength of 3000 Elo.

Perfect as a sparring partner for other chess engines, since it was heavily tested using very fast games. Supports Syzygy tablebases, MultiPV, pondering and multithreading.

Inanis 1.1.1 changelog:

Added support for FEN property in PGN parser and "tunerset" command

  • Replaced crossbeam package with native scoped threads

  • Fixed invalid handling of "isready" UCI command during a search

  • Fixed engine crash when trying to search invalid position

  • Fixed incorrect version of toolchain used in GitHub Actions


Inanis is a superbly documented chess engine; details posted on this page and this page.

I am sure that soon Inanis will reach a strength of 3000 Elo and I hope that Mr. Pawel Osikowski will continue the further development of this interesting chess engine.

I invite you to download Inanis.

Android – Compiled by Archimedes

Download ZIP • 4.01MB

Linux – Compiled by Pawel Osikowski

Download ZIP • 3.69MB

Mac Apple Silicon & Intel – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 1.09MB

Windows – Compiled by Pawel Osikowski

Download ZIP • 2.33MB


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