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Komodo Dragon 2.6.1 released

New version of the most powerful commercial engine.

GM Larry Kaufman introduces Dragon 2.6.1


KomodoChess has released Dragon 2.6.1 at It is primarily a bug-fix version, needed because in 2.6 setting Auto-Skill disabled the Elo settings, making Auto-Skill useless. Also, in response to many requests, we changed the UCI options for Elo and LimitStrength to use the underscore, so that they may be used more easily on some GUIs. Additionally, some of the internal settings for the Elo settings have been revised based on new information; below 1650 they were made a bit weaker, above 1650 a bit stronger. There is no change in the net used; some tiny speedups were included and one small internal parameter change; we estimate the net effect is a boost of about two elo. Obviously there is no need for the testers to retest for this. This version is free for anyone who received version 2.6 from us, just download it, and any new purchasers will get this version.



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