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Komodo Dragon is the World Champion Computer Chess 2022

Five participants. Though games between the first four. The winner was determined after the Armageddon formula struggle.

Hearty congratulations to Mark Lefler, Larry Kaufman, Erdo Gunes and the whole team.

To its collection of championship titles, Komodo Dragon adds another one from 2022.

I always emphasize that I am very pleased with the good results of chess engines that are developed and regularly made available to a wide range of users. Among such chess engines is Komodo Dragon.

Final standing.


Double round-robin tournament. Time control 60 minutes with 15 seconds per move.


Source: ICGA

A very good result was achieved by Ginkgo (World Chess Software Champion 2022), who finished third, only half a point behind the winner.

Noteworthy is the nice result of Shredder, which played on hardware using ARM processors. Let's hope that the new version, which we are looking forward to, will be even stronger.

All tournament games (original notations).

Download ZIP • 23KB
Source: ICGA

The games of the World Chess Software Championship are played in Messe Wien, Press Centre, in Vienna, Austria from Tuesday 26 July, 2022 until Friday 29 July, 2022.

Some photos from the game room.

Source: ICGA

Source: ICGA

Source: ICGA

Source: ICGA

Source: ICGA


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