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With a beautiful sacrifice of the Queen on g4 !!

I open the latest edition of the Mac chess engine ranking list - MCERL :)

Free chess game viewer from ChessBase.

The title queen sacrifice comes from one of the chess games played in the MCERL series between Hiarcs 15.1 and Stockfish 15.

Another ranking list, another chess engines that joined the struggle on 64 fields.

MCERL includes not only the strongest and latest engines. Recently released engines as well as the established, titled ones also take part in the struggle.

Thanks to excellent authors and enthusiasts, we have the opportunity to enjoy the game of many interesting chess engines.

In this edition of MCERL, I would like to extend warm thanks to enthusiasts of this topic such as Alessandro Morales for his many excellent compilations of chess engines, and Stefan Pohl and Thomas Plaschke for providing a tool called: Sacrifice Games Search and Statistics Tool on the Stefan Pohl Computer Chess website.

Gentlemen, thank you sincerely for the excellent fruits of your work !

I invite you to take a look at the latest MCERL.



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