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Mac Tournament #1

I am pleased to present you the first chess engine tournament for Mac.

I invite you to watch the video on the YouTube platform.

I hope you enjoy your time watching the chess engines struggle in this tournament :)

Below are games to download in .PGN format and...

Download ZIP • 251KB

...a table with results.

Summary of this completed tournament

The winner of the tournament is probably no surprise: Stockfish version 15 - an engine that premiered a saw days before this tournament was played.

Congratulations to the whole Stockfish Team !

Stockfish, colloquially speaking, smashes almost all their opponents, not giving them much chance to win or even to draw. 16 points scored out of 17 possible is a very good result. Over 200 Elo difference between him and the 4th engine in the table is a result showing how incredibly strong Stockfish is today in fast chess games (1 minute per game without extra time).

Second place went to the Dragon engine version 2.6.1 by the Komodo Chess Team. A very big surprise is the great result achieved by Dragon getting the same number of points as Stockfish.

The achieved result shows that this newest version of Dragon, although older than Stockfish by over 4 months, is a super powerful engine with a phenomenally fast compilation. Big applause for Komodo Chess Team :)

Third place went to Fire, who has been at the top of the chess engines for years and in this tournament showed that he really needs to be reckoned with.

A word of appreciation to Norman Schmidt – author of the chess engine Fire !

It is worth noting the good result of Hiarcs 15 engine, which at the end of 2021 (after many years of waiting by fans) lived to see the next version. Hiarcs 15 does not use NNUE (Neural Network architecture) which shows that a good engine with a traditional position evaluation function still can be a challenging opponent.



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