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With a phenomenal increase in Lc0 strength...

You are cordially invited to read the 2022-12-24 edition of the MCERL rating list.



The end of 2022 is a very interesting and fruitful period for lovers of chess engines and programs.
The latest versions of Dragon by Komodo Chess, RubiChess or Lc0 are just a few of the new releases in late November and December. Particularly noteworthy is the Lc0 0.29.0 chess engine, whose Developers introduced support for the latest Mac
computers, which had the effect of significantly increasing the power of this remarkable engine.
Are the results achieved by chess engines running on a Mac surprising ?

Yes and No.
  • Yes, I'm happy to welcome the PowerFritz 18 to our rating list, which, it's worth noting, is the first chess engine in the Fritz family to work perfectly with Wine software, allowing it to be used seamlessly on a Mac.

  • No, Stockfish consolidates its first position as the most powerful chess engine for Mac. Version 15.1 is a successful step forward.




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