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MCERL - February 2023 Edition.

I invite you, to read the results and summary of MCERL - Mac Chess Engines Rating List, February 2023.

Source: Scid 5.0 & Berserk 11.1

Each new release of MCERL, which occurs monthly, is an opportunity for recaps. I am very pleased, with many new engines, and updates - more and more authors are making their engines available to the chess community, that it is impossible to notice and positively receive it.

I do not hide the fact that it is a pity that some few engines do not have their representation for Mac or even Linux users. Some engines like Rebel 16.2, for example, are made available only for one operating system and only in one version (Windows, avx2). Well, as you can see, some of the Creators have this approach and not another, which as a result limits the number of potential recipients of their works.

Let's be happy with what we have. A dozen years ago and before, computer chess was mainly PC, Windows paid software (one of the few exceptions: the Crafty engine).

Today, we are no longer so limited.

In addition to Windows, there is Linux, Mac and Android, Web among others - from which we can also have a great experience communing with chess engines and chess software. Let's not forget that this is all thanks to the work of people involved in the open source community and, of course, the fruits of modern technology.

Without further ado: welcome to MCERL February 2023 edition.


In the Files area you will find free chess engines for download.



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