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Perfect 2023 books are released

One of the best computer chess Opening Books has been published.

Perfect - as the Opening Book was named - is the work of well-known computer chess aficionado Mr. Sedat Canbaz.

The Perfect opening books are freeware.

The origins of Perfect Opening Books date back to the early 2000s, when its first version was published.

Today, Perfect is an extremely polished chess opening book that has been developed and optimized over more than 20 years based on more than 1 million (1 000 000) games!

Fans of the struggle of chess engines appreciated the author's work, which resulted in the publication of many more Perfect... over the years.

Perfect 2023 books are available in 4 (four) formats:

  • Arena (ABK)

  • ChessBase (CTG)

  • Polyglot (BIN)

  • ShredderClassic (BKT)

Which makes it possible to use it in different chess programs and on different operating systems.

Fritz GUI & Perfect 2023

What certainly sets Perfect's Opening Books apart is, that you don't need to play tens of thousands of games to know with certainty which engine is stronger, as far as Elo is stronger/weaker, and this works well even against chess engines of a very even level.

Computer Perfect's Opening Books have been held in high regard by users for years, of which I am one.

I encourage you to download Perfect 2023 and use it.

Perfect 2023 Opening Book – Created by Sedat Canbaz

Download 7Z • 800KB



Andreas Matthies
Andreas Matthies
Apr 07, 2023

Opening book in 2023 and neither pgn nor epd? Really?

Apr 07, 2023
Replying to

Good questions.

Here is the author's answer:

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