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Prophet 4.3 released.

This is open source chess engine under the GNU General Public License, written by James Swafford.

Another release of a great chess engine with a long history of development.

Author Mr. James Swafford is improving his engine more and more. Perhaps already the next version of Prophet will use a neural network which will certainly further enhance this engine. An excerpt from the contents of the readme file:

"(...) at this point I'm turning my attention to implementing a neural network."

Here's what's changed in the latest Prophet 4.3


I'm happy to (finally) release Prophet 4.3. It's been 'code complete' for a while but I've been a bit busy lately. Anyway, it should be around 50 ELO stronger than 4.2 (so right around 2500 +/- on the CCRL Blitz list).

Only minor eval changes:

* passed pawn bonus broken down by rank (was a single value)

* mobility is now non-linear (inspired by MadChess)

* knight outposts

* trapped bishop penalty


Source: Talkchess

Feel free to download the Prophet 4.3 chess engine.

Mac - Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 285KB

Linux - Compiled by James Swafford & Darius (ARM64)

Download ZIP • 300KB

Windows - Compiled by James Swafford

Download ZIP • 1.56MB



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