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Rebel 14.1 release

Back to the roots of 19 years ago and over 350 elo stronger than the latest ProDeo 3.1

Ed Schröder introduces Rebel 14.1


1. New and bigger neural network made from 1.2 billion position analyzed with Benjamin 1.1, estimated elo gain ~60.

2. Search changes, estimated elo gain ~40-50 ( over Rebel 14,

3. NNUE tuner parameter in Engine Settings. Changing the default of 100% to 125 will make Rebel even more aggressive, 150 up to the point of reckless, values lower than 100 will change the playing style to be more moderate. We tested the value 75 and it gave an extra 10 elo but it was preferred to leave the value at 100 exactly what the learner had created to keep the original Benjamin 1.1 playing style.


Fabien Letouzey for Fruit 2.1

Pawel Koziol for Growing Fruit

Chris Whittington for introducing me into NNUE, providing me with the necessary tools and writing the NNUE code.

Rebel 14.1 is released under the GPLv3 licence.


Website: Rebel 14.1


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