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Rebel 14.2 released

Another update Rebel chess engine bringing a strength increase of about 50-60 Elo points.

Source: Rebel

Here is what the author Mr. Ed Schröder wrote an his website about the latest release of the Rebel engine:


1. New and stronger neural network made from 1.6 billion position analyzed with Rebel 14.1, estimated elo gain 50-60.

2. Search changes, estimated elo gain 15-20.

3. NNUE tuner parameter in Engine Settings. Default setting now 40%.

Self playing against 14.1 shows an elo increase of ~80-85.

On the Gambit Rating List Rebel 14.2 is rated 3278 at place 15."

This engine as of version 14 uses a neural network (NNUE) to evaluate chess positions.

Rebel is a once and still today great engine, with a long and rich tradition and success.

It is wonderful that Rebel is still being developed. Certainly at the development and achievements of Rebel will be a pleasure to watch :)

Download ZIP • 36.63MB



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