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Rodent NN released

The latest release of the Rodent chess engine has been enhanced with the NNUE rating resulting in a strength increase of about 300 Elo.

"Rodent from Pawel Koziol is one of those engines with an excellent HCE evaluation.

Rodent IV 0.22 is rated 2988 on CCRL and 2998 on GRL.

We decided to move Rodent to NNUE evaluation, created a dataset of 800 million analyzed positions with Rodent 4.022 and moved the 800 million positions into the learner, tested the new created net with Rebel and Rodent NN gained about 200 elo over Rodent 4.022

In reality the Rodent net is actually 300 elo stronger when Pawel will implement the net into his own (Rodent) source code."

This is how Ed Schröder described the latest version of the Rodent NN chess engine.

I'm glad to see that Rodent is another chess engine that has "built-in" NNUE evaluation in the same single runnable file. This makes it so that users don't have to manually point the engine to the location of the NNUE evaluation file.

Rodent NN is released under the GPLv3 licence.

Download ZIP • 28.22MB



The main advantage of the Rodent series having been their varied personalities, Rodent NN seems to have done away with them. As such, Rodent NN would be a departure from Pawel Koziol's vision. Perhaps it should adopt a different name, much like the way Rodent followed Sungorus.

Sep 03, 2023
Replying to

I agree. Final Rodent is the right one to crown Paul's visions by providing us users with an extraordinary chess engine with many interesting personalities.

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