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RubiChess 20220813 Released.

Great day - today :)

RubiChess, one of the strongest free (open source, GPL-3.0 license) chess engine has been released in the latest version. According to author Mr. Andreas Matthies, the RubiChess-20220813 is about 20 Elo stronger than the previous version! (compared to 20220223).

Here's a list of changes and new features in the latest RubiChess:




20220813 (release 2022-08-13) :

- Time management improvements:

+ Plays movetime mode respecting move overhead

+ More flexible time usage depending on nodes spending on best move

+ Plays very short time controls like 1+0.001 without time forfeits now

+ Better support for nodes based time control

+ Avoid getting low on time in moves/time control

- New default network nn-b1c332ae1d-20220613.nnue

- Improve endgame draw detection when playing withou tablebase

- Contempt (default 0) and rating based contempt (triggered by GUI using UCI_RatingAdv)

- Improved logging ('..._app' for appending, '..._pid' for concurrent loggin using the process id)

- Speed improvements (1-3% on x86, > 10% on Arm/Neon)

- Several fixes


Source: GitHub

Estimating an increase in the strength of the latest RubiChess engine by 20 Elo, it is prudent to assume that it will consolidate in the top ten engines.

Source: CCRL August 13, 2022

Chess engine enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the RubiChess engine can be easily compiled for all popular architectures.

Many thanks to the author of the engine Mr. Andreas Matthies for such a possibility ;)

Feel free to download RubiChess.

Compilation for Android made by Archimedes. Thank you very much!

Download ZIP • 13.07MB

Compilation for Linux (ARM & Intel) made by Darius.

Download ZIP • 23.69MB

Compilation for Mac (Apple Silicon & Intel) made by Darius.

Download ZIP • 23.70MB

Compilation for Windows made by Mr. Andreas Matthies.

Download ZIP • 15.50MB



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