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Seer 2.5.0 released

Seer - one of the few chess engines that plays with a strength of over 3400 Elo (!) has been released in the latest version 2.5.0.

Here is what engine author Mr. Connor McMonigle wrote about this release:

"I've released a new version of Seer here: ... tag/v2.5.0. This release adds around 100 Elo in self play.

This release adds roughly 100 Elo in self play. The majority of this strength improvement can be attributed to a variety of miscellaneous optimizations and an improved network trained by way of several further self play training iterations. Additionally, time management was revisited with this release which should notably improve performance at shorter time controls. As with the prior release, the embedded network was trained solely on data originating from Seer produced by way of several self play iterations starting with the initial "retrograde learning" network bundled with v2.0.0-v2.1.0 as a base."

Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 71.24MB

Download ZIP • 71.76MB

Compiled by Connor McMonigle, author Seer chess engine

Download ZIP • 213.58MB


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Thank you dear!

It works fine on mac M1, if you like you can insert a post also on Talkchess to spread your nice chess forum

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