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Stash 34.0 released

The thriving chess engine, in its latest 34th edition, stronger by about 50 Elo !

Stash is UCI compliant open source chess engine by Morgan Houppin, written in C, licensed under the GPL v3.

The five months that have passed since the last release have been put to excellent use by the author of the Stash chess engine Mr. Morgan Houppin. The result of his work is Stash 34, a chess engine that has consistently increased its strength, already able to successfully compete with modern and powerful chess engines.

Within the MCERL competition, after playing 358 games,

Stash 34 reached 3289 Elo, 55 Elo more than its predecessor. An excellent result...!

Sincere congratulations to the author.

Stash 34 will be included in the latest MCERL list, which will be updated and published soon.

I would like to invite you to download this chess engine for the most popular platforms :)

Android – Compiled by Archimedes

Download ZIP • 3.02MB

Linux ARM – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 2.86MB

Linux x86 – Compiled by Morgan Houppin

Download ZIP • 3.14MB

Mac Intel – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 2.85MB

Mac Apple Silicon – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 2.85MB

Windows – Compiled by Morgan Houppin

Download ZIP • 3.68MB

I always feel happy when I can share a chess engine for multiple platforms :)

It's all thanks to the author of the chess engine, who gives the chess community a source code so well written that it allows easy compilation so for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Thank you!!


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