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Update 22-12-04 -> Stockfish 15 and 15.1 for Win32-bit

With the release of Stockfish 15, the developers stopped providing this engine for Windows 32-bit.

According to my experience, there is quite a respectable group of fans of struggling chess engines on older computers or.... on virtual machines with 32-bit Windows on board.

Many of us, like to organize matches / tournaments of older 32-bit chess engines from time to time, and watch how interesting chess they play. Why not check and see how the latest Stockfish performs in such an environment ? Will it dominate other engines, or maybe not ?

I invite you to download the 32-bit Stockfish and check it out :)

Update 2022-12-04

Stockfish 20221202 has been released by developers as Stockfish 15.1

I compiled the official version of Stockfish 15 and Stockfish 15.1.

In both of these versions, I give you:

  • Stockfish x86-32, with mmx and sse support, and...

  • Stockfish general-32, for oldest 32-bit machines with the most compatibility.

Enjoy :)

Windows – Compiled by Darius

Download ZIP • 67.58MB
Download ZIP • 69.82MB



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