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Svart 2.0.0 - released & fixed.

Here is one of the latest chess engines - Svart - written in the Rust language under the MIT license.

Svart logo, source: GitHub

It was first published at the beginning of February 2023.

Unfortunately on the date of publication, while testing this version I found numerous errors during games (illegal moves). Since then, the author of this free open source engine Cristopher has made numerous corrections which resulted in playing according to chess rules.

Source: GitHub

Thus, I have allowed Svart 2.0.0 (fixed) to play engines under MCERL and compiled it for popular platforms (downloadable at the bottom of the post).

In the course of playing 504 games, I have not found any errors in this engine.

How strong is Svart 2.0.0 ?

Source: MCERL

2477 Elo, which for a debut in MCERL - is a good result :)

Congratulations to the author!


In the Files area you will find free chess engines for download.



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