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Toga 4.11 released

Well, also the latest version of the Toga chess engine has received an NNUE rating enhancement.

It is worth mentioning that the Toga engine is derived from its famous prototype Fruit engine. A long way has passed Toga to get to the club of engines playing with the power of over 3000 Elo !

Here's what we find out from the Rebel website:

"TOGA IV now with Rebel 14.2 NNUE evaluation.

Toga IV 1.1 is about 45 elo stronger than Rebel 14.2 and above that offers you:

Multiple threading up to 64 threads;

MultiPV up to 10 moves.

TOGA IV 1.1 earned a rating of 3323 on the Gambit Rating List.

Offered to you in cooperation with Chris Whittington."

Download ZIP • 36.49MB



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