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Tools in a chess player's workshop - Windows - Part 2

In the second part of this post, I will introduce the ecosystem programs from ChessBase.

For several decades, Windows users have been able to use ChessBase software, one of the oldest, recognized and renowned brands in the world of chess software designed for all chess players: from amateurs to world's leading grandmasters.

This post is dedicated to chess players who would like to use the most interesting, useful and proven tools - programs from ChessBase for various chess activities in their chess workshop - Windows operating system.

My goal is not to discuss as many ChessBase programs in as much detail as possible, but to demonstrate the key capabilities of the tools I have selected in relation to specific chess activities, e.g. training, analysis, database and engine use, etc.

To learn about the capabilities and practical use of the ChessBase software, I invite you to visit the course area at

This entry will be updated on a regular basis when I feel that there is software worth presenting to you dear readers.




Fritz & Chesster

Training / Practice / Play Chess Offline


Play Chess Online

Play Chess

Chess Game Annotations / Database / Analyzes


Chess Engines


How to play chess / Learn

Once upon a time there was a small country, a very, very small country. And this little country was ruled by a very wise king. In fact, he was the wisest king that ever existed. He was called "King White."

This is the beginning of an interesting program for learning chess: Fritz & Chesster.

The program counts in four parts and is aimed at children who have never played chess before. It teaches the basic rules in an atmosphere reminiscent of Sesame Street. Children can follow the cartoons and stories and then interactively solve the tasks.

In each of the four games, Fritz White and his cousin Bianca learn to play chess with the help of Chesster. In the first three games, they learn the different elements of chess and then compete in a chess game against the Black King.

The fourth game takes place on another planet. The first game teaches the rules of the game, basic chess and strategy.

Subsequent games teach opening theory, tactics, middle and endgame analysis, and chess patterns. Other games include chess variations, chess puzzles, or timed games with scoreboards.

During the game, the child participates in an adventure in which young Prince Fritz must briefly replace his father, King White. Together with his cousin Bianca, Fritz sets off on a journey through his kingdom. A cheerful instructor accompanies them on their journey and tells them all about the kingdom.

In each scene, children can click on different items, such as the mouse traps in the image above, which causes funny things to happen.