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Velvet 5.0.0 - released

Welcome the newest version!

Velvet is a free open source chess engine written in Rust, licensed under the GPL v3.0.

Source: GitHub

Behind the velvet curtain...

...Hides a real and strong chess aggressor who can play in an extremely impressive style - you can find examples here.

Velvet, is one of my most favorite chess engines. Why? Because it plays exceptional chess. And while there is no shortage of equally strong or more powerful chess engines - none of them play like Velvet can :)

Here is an example of what latest Velvet is capable to an opponent with a strength of well over 3000 Elo; white: Sting SF 28 AI, black: Velvet-5.0.0.

Having previously sacrificed Rook, Velvet does not hesitate to give extra to Bishop to get the white King!



After playing 700 games, the latest Velvet-5.0.0 has settled at 3342 Elo

This is 55 Elo more than its previous version 4.1.0.

Source: MCERL (ongoing)

Here's what author Mr. Martin Honert has added to the latest version.


  • Add support for MultiPV analysis

  • Add support for UCI "go mate ..." command

  • Add support for UCI "go searchmoves ..." command

  • Improved training set generator and NN trainer

  • New neural network based upon 4.1.0 self-play training data

  • Some minor search improvements

  • Some minor optimizations

  • Update to latest Rust version (1.66.0)


It is worth noting the new MultiPV Analysis function, which will certainly be useful for multivariate analysis of chess positions.

Program: Hiarcs Chess Explorer Pro (custom pieces & board theme)

Thanks to Mr. Martin Honert, the chess community has the opportunity to use Velvet chess engine on various devices and operating systems.

Feel free to visit the downloads section.

Android – Compiled by Archimedes

Download 7Z • 6.41MB

Linux arm64 – Compiled by Darius

Download 7Z • 6.22MB

Linux x86_64 – Compiled by Mr. Martin Honert

Download 7Z • 6.54MB

macOS – Compiled by Mr. Martin Honert

Download 7Z • 5.66MB
Download 7Z • 5.77MB

Windows x86_64 – Compiled by Mr. Martin Honert

Download 7Z • 10.84MB



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