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Welcome to Files !

Files is a place from where you can download chess engines and programs, games, bases as well the other files.

The necessary tools are also there.

To access Files, simply click the Files link on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

After a while a new window will be displayed - you are in the Files place :)

Usage is very simple and resembles working with files on a computer. In addition to browsing and downloading, you can also use the file search engine.

I have included all the necessary information in the files...

  • Files Help.pdf

  • Welcome to Files.pdf

...which are always visible on the first page of Files.

In addition to games and bases (for example from MCERL), chess engines and programs will appear in Files.

My goal is to make chess engines and programs available to the community using various devices.

For example, if chess engine is not available in the Linux version, then I compile it (assuming, of course, that the source code allows it).

In addition to the most common architectures such as x86-64 (Linux, Mac, Windows), I create compilations for ARM64 (Linux) and Apple Silicon (modern Macs), which are increasingly numerous and popular among computer chess enthusiasts.

My compilation environment is always the currently supported operating systems along with the necessary tools (compiler, etc.) and updates.

Below I have included the most important information about Files:

  • All available files are safe and virus-free. All files have been checked with antivirus programs before being placed on the server.

  • Files are stored in Google server space, which itself contains antivirus software that has also checked the files before they are made available.

  • No commercial files or pirated software. In compliance with applicable licenses, e.g. GNU GPL, MIT, Apache, etc.

  • The majority of chess engines were compiled - by Darius - the owner and creator of Exception: chess engines compilations hosted with the permission of the author(s).

  • Files are archived in widespread Zip, 7-Zip or Tar format supported by the most commonly used operating systems. If you need a tool to unpack archive or PDF viewer, there are programs dedicated to Linux, Mac, and Windows in the Tools directory.


2 comentários

12 de jan. de 2023

Roelof, I'm very glad you enjoyed the project 😀

I too have been collecting chess engines and their source codes from various platforms. Unfortunately, bad luck caused me to lose access to them once long ago. And that, among other reasons, is why I am pursuing this project, which, as it were, is about collecting chess engines and - very important to me - making their source codes and binaries available in such a convenient way that anyone interested can download for free. I care about this project and will develop it. Any support for this project is valuable. I will be happy to discuss this topic here or on the forum, which has also recently appeared. I invite you…


Roelof Berkepeis
Roelof Berkepeis
11 de jan. de 2023

hi, congrats with the new Files section ! i really like the idea of publishing Open Source chess engines, that's my main interest for your website .. over the years i gathered many, also weak ones, but only Linux based .. most of them i found on GitHub and i try to update my compiles of them and correspond with the coders about their creations - ideas, bugs, questions, suggestions .. so, maybe we can exchange Linux binaries, i have a lot .. but i didn't always save their source codes .. very obscure and outdated engines don't even have a source available or their website is gone .. i can send you my engine list with some info like…

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