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Zahak 10.0 released

A new version of a UCI-compliant chess engine written in Go. Author: Amanj Sherwany.

Zahak 10.0 is one of the strongest chess engines with a strength of above 3200 Elo points.

Here are the changes made by the author in Zahak 10.0:


Search tweaks

Reintroduce val phase

Faster make/unmake

TT replacement changes

Add move overhead UCI option

New and slightly improved neural network (same architecture)

Introduced a new Capture History

Much better SMP scaling

Introduce IIR again

Reset Killer moves in between searches

This version is almost 50+ elo over Zahak 9.0


Previous version of this excellent chess engine - Zahak 9.0 plays in tournaments organized by and has a lot of victories.

Certainly Zahak 10 will be tested.

Zahak website:

zahak 10.0_Linux
Download ZIP • 5.86MB

zahak 10.0_Mac
Download ZIP • 6.04MB

zahak 10.0_Windows
Download ZIP • 5.90MB



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