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Scid 5.0 - released.

A great treat for sympathizers and users of the excellent Scid program. Scid 5.0 has been released!


And in what style... author Fluvio has released a version for Linux, Mac and Windows :)

It is a free under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).

Scid is a very good program in its class and besides the commercial Chess Assistant and ChessBase it has no real competition.

It is worth mentioning that alongside Scid there is also a separately developed Scid vs. PC (Scid vs. Mac); both come from the same source.

In this course: Linux for Chess Part 3 - Installing chess software in Debian 11 I wrote a few sentences about the Scid program:


(...) Scid is a program - the "older brother" of Scid vs. PC.

More or less since 2009 Scid vs. PC has gone its own way introducing new features.

Scid is also develop and mainly focused on working with large chess databases and using chess engines.


On the blog, you will find content related to the Scid / Scid vs. PC program. Due to the fact that the ways of using both Scid programs are similar, you will get the most information from the free courses consisting of five parts describing the following topics:

Here are some screenshots of the Scid 5.0 program taken on Linux Ubuntu 22-04-lts-arm64.

You can download for free Scid 5.0 from the project website.



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