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Survey results, analysis, actions.

Hello Dear Reader!

Today I am pleased to present to you the results of the survey conducted and the analysis and conclusions.

Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to collect survey data on readers' preferences related to our blog.

Thanks to the responses I received, I gathered valuable information about interests and needs.

In the following post, I will discuss the main results of the survey and present the conclusions of the analysis. The analysis is not limited to the survey results alone. I also took into account reports on blog traffic, the time you spend on our site, as well as what you read most often and what you are most interested in. This allows me to form conclusions as to the likely future best direction will take.

I am very grateful for your active participation in filling out the surveys, and I hope that you will find the results I present as interesting as I do. Without further ado, I invite you to read on!

Traffic data.

What are the most common places is read from in the world ?

Europe and the Americas led the way here. Also, visible are places in southern and eastern Asia and India, and the largest concentrations of people in Australia and New Zealand. Africa is mainly the northern and southern parts.

From which countries do the largest number of Readers come ?

The largest group of Readers is from the United States, Germany and Poland. People from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium and the Netherlands also visit our blog in great numbers. A large chess community also comes from India, Brazil, Canada and Sweden.

(Darker color = more Readers)

What is the traffic on and what devices are readers using ?

In the past few months from September 2022 to the end of February 2023, traffic on has increased by more than 3 times, more than 300% !

Most Readers use a desktop computer (desktop or laptop), there are about 70% of them. Mobile device users account for about 30%, mainly smartphone users.

What are the most visited pages (TOP 20) and how long on average does one Reader stay on each page ?

For the last 6 months, at the forefront are reviews, courses, articles and how-to's.

For comparison, the number of hits on specific pages in recent days:

As you can see, the Files section, where you can find and download chess engines, among other things, is one of the most visited pages. The forum, is also very popular, probably because of the publications on the latest engine compilations.

The homepage is in the lead because in recent days it was the first page visited by Readers, from which they accessed all content.

How much time does a Reader average spend consuming content ?

Before answering this question and explaining why it matters, let me assure you that this is the last chart :)

Taking this opportunity, in the image below I show the administrative dashboard of our blog through which I access this data and charts.

Here's what ChatGPT's artificial intelligence model told me about reading time for blog content.

Based on the data shown in the chart above...

The average session time of a Reader is well over 10 minutes !

That is, Readers spend several times more time on our blog than is statistically the case on the Internet on other blogs.

Of course, I checked ChatGPT's answer. And indeed, there is no mistake here. The average time of a reading session on blogs is from 3 to a maximum of 6 minutes.

Reading sessions longer than 10 minutes – this is a remarkable result.

We have achieved it together, thanks to the involvement of you and the entire community. Thank You :)

Survey results.

I present findings based on all survey responses.

44% will pay to access content. 56% of readers are unwilling to pay for content.

59% will accept ads. 41% will not accept ads.

58% prefer subscriptions that give access to all content. 42% want to subscribe only to content that interests them.

What content would you be to pay for access to ?

Ranked by the number of votes cast, with the most desirable categories first (Files) and least desirable categories last (Newsletter)

  1. Access to Files (chess engines, etc.) and For all contents - most popular.

  2. Reviews

  3. Articles

  4. How-To’s

  5. Courses

  6. Interviews

  7. Other

  8. Newsletter (comments and summary of the month / year) - the least popular.

How much would you be willing to pay for a monthly subscription with access to all content ?

The majority decided that a maximum of $5 monthly.

78% cast their vote to create the option of paid consultations for subscribers who want a more personalized approach including eg. coaching / lessons / problem solving / etc.

72% think it is a good idea to make available for free to paid subscribers a closed group where ideas, experiences and files could be exchanged with other users.

Only 10% are interested in a paid newsletter service delivered to email address, which would include highlights from and the world of computer chess for the past month/year.

69% have no need for participation to referral program where subscribers get discounts or bonuses for recommending the blog to their friends.

Is there anything I can do to make your experience using even better ?

I won't hide, I got emotional reading your many responses to this question. I took note of a lot of constructive responses, concrete proposals and expressed appreciations and thanks.

Before I quote a selection of anonymized responses, I share a screenshot from my program, which compiled the most common words in your responses to this survey question. Please consider this as a curiosity.

Here are some of your answers selected from among many others:

For all the answers I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have carefully read, noted and analyzed all the answers you have given.

Summary. is growing rapidly and is read in many parts of the world. Most people are using desktop computers reading our blog. In recent months, the Files section, from which chess engines and bases are downloaded, has been the most popular.

Readers spend the most time on specialized content, such as courses, how-to's and articles. Reviews, is one of the most visited sections, where Readers spend 20 minutes or more.

The average time per session is very high at more than 10 minutes.

This is well above the statistical average. Everything combined translates into an increasing number of Readers.

According to the surveys, a significant number of readers (44%) are willing to pay for access to content, while the majority (56%) are not. In addition, a majority of readers (59%) are willing to accept ads, while 41% would prefer not to.

More than half of respondents (58%) prefer an all-inclusive subscription that gives access to all content, while the remaining 42% prefer a subscription tailored to their needs.

Based on the survey data, it can be seen that readers are willing to pay for access to certain types of content, with file access being the most desired category, followed by reviews, articles, how-to's, courses and interviews.

Most respondents were willing to pay a maximum of $5 for a monthly subscription with access to all content. However, it should be noted that a significant number of respondents (78%) expressed interest in paid consultations for a more personalized approach, while 72% liked the idea of a closed group for subscribers to exchange ideas, experiences and files.

It is worth noting that most respondents (69%) were not interested in participating in a referral program that offers discounts or bonuses for recommending a blog to their friends.


The Files section will be developed. More and new Engines and chess programs will be added. Yes, the Files section will soon feature chess programs, as suggested to me by many people via a survey.

Reviews, articles, how-to's and other sections will be enriched with new content according to the existing formula, i.e., e.g., thorough and extensive reviews, comprehensive how-tos, etc.

Given that a significant number of respondents have expressed interest in paid consultations for a more personalized approach, such a service will be introduced.

Since most respondents liked the idea of a closed group for subscribers to exchange ideas, experiences and files, will most likely feature such a group.

Based on the data provided, the majority of readers (59%) are willing to accept ads, while 41% would prefer not to. In addition, readers spend a significant amount of time on the blog, and their number is growing. Therefore, there will most likely be ads on but only in selected sections of the blog. The ads will not be intrusive and will not negatively affect the Readers' experience, as a large portion do not want to be distracted.

Since a significant number of readers are willing to pay for access to the content they are interested in, there will likely be an all-inclusive subscription (access to all content and files) offer and separate cheaper subscription offers for specific content tailored to readers' needs.

Any changes will be implemented on on April 1, 2023 at the earliest.

Members of the Readers community are united by the fact that they want to read and also have access to all content and the Files server. The division is also clear. Roughly half want it to be done without ads and in a comfortable reading environment. The other half accepts ads, but doesn't want them to be intrusive and accepts a small monthly fee for access to selected content, such as the Files server.

Are the above-mentioned actions the so-called "golden measures" that will provide readers with the best possible experience of using ?

I firmly believe so, because we have worked it out together.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for completing the survey and the great understanding you see in your survey comments. Without your help, support and commitment, would not be what it is today and what it will be in the future.

Thank you for your trust,

Darius, founder



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